The Riviera between myth and nature
A green corner, enchanted garden the Tyrrhenian wet for over 100 km, full of testimonies, history and landscape. The climate is mild even in the colder months, and this helps to attract many visitors. The ancient origins of the towns on the coast accentuate the charm of the district: Terracina, the "gate of the sun" founded by the Etruscans and Romans enriched by impressive operates civilians (ancient Via Appia and the temple of Jupiter). Sperlonga, medieval village built on a rocky promontory and prey, throughout the centuries of numerous raids of pirates, but already a favorite place by the Emperor Tiberius, who built a mansion. Formia, good port, mentioned by the ancient etymology, and the legendary land of Lestrigoni ferocious cannibals, who decided definitely the return of Ulysses to Ithaca. Gaeta, Bourbon city protected by castles and towers that surround medieval churches. Minturno, one of the important place on the Via Appia, the city that the Romans enriched with a theater still well preserved today. Ponza, Dawn island where ancient tradition places, in competition with the Circeo, the place where the Maga Circe stayed. The inland preserves places of art and nature. Among these Sabaudia with the Circeo Park, which also includes the island of Zannone, the dunes and the lakes. Ninfa known as the Pompeii of the Middle Ages, with its magical oasis: a splendid Italian garden. Fondi with the powerful Caetani Castle and the wide plains of oderosa oranges than impressed Goethe. Art and culture, ancient history, folklore, cuisine, all combine to make the Riviera a casket, where time has managed to preserve rare and valuable pearls.